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Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, Hat, Cloak, Shirt, Belt, Agathion, Bracelet, Talisman, Runes - Antharas, Freya, Valakas, Lindvior

Currency on the server:

Main Adena - Drops all over the world Lineage2

Coin of Luck - Drops only from Bosses

Ant Queen. [1 to 5] Core. [from 1 to 5] Orphen. [from 1 to 5]

Bam. [from 1 to 50] Antharas. [from 1 to 100] Valakas. [from 1 to 100]

Freya. [from 1 to 20] Frintez [from 1 to 50] Baylor. [from 1 to 30]

Beleth. [from 1 to 30] Tiade. [from 1 to 40] Ekimus. [from 1 to 35]

Donat Currency Coin of Luck

Server rates

Premium Account Server Rates
XP and SP x 10 XP and SP x 20
XP and SP x 10 XP and SP x 20
Adena x10 Adena x20
Item Drops x1 Item Drops x2
Loot items x1 Loot items x2
Raid Boss x 1 Raid Boss x 2
Boss x 1 Boss x 2
Stone of the Seven Signs x 2 Stone of the Seven Signs x 2
Drop quest items x 1 Drop quest items x 2
Quest Reward Items x 1 Quest Reward Items x 2
Manor x2 Manor x2
enchant chance after +4 (60%) enchant chance after +4 (70%)
Buffs for 1 hour Buffs for 2 hours (In Development)
Free costumes (no) Free costumes (yes) (In development)
Bonuses (none) Decorations that add +2016 HP
Sharpening Information

Safe Sharpening +3 Safe Sharpening of the Whole Body+4

Maximum weapon enchant +12

Max Armor enchant +8

Ordinary Scroll of Enchantment 70% +4, 60% +5 +6, 50% +7 +8, 40% +9 +10, 30% +11 +12

Safe Sharpening Scroll 80% +4, 66% +5 +6, 56% +7 +8, 46% +9 +10, 36% +11 +12

general information

Buff slots 24+4

Change of the 1st and 2nd class of the 3rd class is FREE,

Automatic skill learning, Mana Drug, GM Shop to Top C Grade,

Tyrannosaurus drops Top LS with a 20% chance.

Sub-class retail quest without Baium. Quest Noblesse. Zariche and Akamanakh are disabled. Fang Stakato


Get a free premium account add to telegram

Bring a friend to the server - add to telegram and get Coin of Luck

Bring a clan to the server - add to telegram and get Coin of Luck

Make a donation and receive a die as a gift - which you will need to roll, if you get the number 6, you will multiply your donation

If your friend makes a donation, you will receive 50% of the amount of his donation in Coin of Luck

Account Registration Precautions

Download FILES
To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files
Download client Lineage 2 High Five 5 - 6.0 Gb
Download fullclient + Addons for High Five 5- 15.0 Gb
Download the patch for High Five 5 x10 - 105 MB

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